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We have invested in one of the latest ranges of Wurth "WOW" diagnostic software equipment required by modern vehicles.  It is imperative that workshops have the latest diagnostic equipment, if they are to be able to provide their customers with a professional service.

Why you need diagnostics?

When there is a problem with modern vehicles, the on-board computer will store trouble codes and a warning light will appear on the dashboard display. We can then use our diagnostic equipment to scan the ECU for trouble codes. Every fault has its own unique code, sometimes there are multiple codes stored and these have to be eliminated in order for us to find the true cause of the problem. This will then enable us to find the information required, helping us fix the problem.

Every year cars are getting more technologically advanced. Today's vehicles have on average around 20 different electronic control systems and every new model has more sophisticated electronics included as standard. More and more computerised systems are being added to vehicles to control mechanical parts and often a computerised system is used to replace a simple switch.

With these advances in technology there are some problems that cannot be diagnosed or fixed with a spanner and screwdriver. Without the correct diagnostic equipment the causes of problems can take a long time to find.

Systems we cover:-

Engine control ECUABS systemsAir Bag systemsTraction Control systemsAir conditioning and heatingInterior control systemsIs the warning light on your dash board on? The on board computer system has detected an issue with one or more of the systems on your vehicle. These can include the Engine Management, Airbag, Braking (ABS/ESP) or Steering systems.

Once a warning light is illuminated that system becomes disabled. This would mean if the airbag light was on and your vehicle is involved in an accident the airbags may not deploy. If the ABS/ESP/Brake Warning light is on, the Antilock system would not engage and this would cause the car to skid out of control under heavy breaking.

With today's advanced vehicle technology, cars are like "computers on wheels."  So don't risk driving your vehicle with the warning lights on. Book in for a Diagnostic Report so you can see in which area of your system a fault has occurred.

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