MOT Preparation

MOT Preparation

If your car is over three years old, you're required by law to put it through an annual MOT.

Not only does this routine check ensure your car is safe and efficient on the road, it can also highlight any potentially serious faults, saving you money in the future.

What Is An MOT?

All vehicles registered in the UK which are more than 3 years old have to undergo an annual inspection to ensure the vehicle meets the government standards for Road Safety and Environment Friendliness. This inspection is known as the MOT Test and usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. You can book your vehicle for an MOT up to 31 days before is it due.

What Is Checked?

All MOT Testers are approved by VOSA, Vehicle & Operating Service Agency, which is a Government body who operates and ensure vehicles are tested to the same standard throughout the UK. The test includes: Interior Checks, Exterior Checks, Under Bonnet Inspection, Under Vehicle Inspection, Emission Test and a Brake Performance Check.

Pass, Fail And Advisory Notice

The MOT Tester will check the vehicle thoroughly and either issue a VT20 (Pass) or a VT30 (Fail). They can also issue Advisory Notices. If your vehicle is issued with a VT20 (Pass) it means your vehicle, at the time of testing, has passed the VOSA Standard. A VT30 (Fail) means it has not met requirements and the document will list the failure(s). You will then have 10 working days to carry out the work, when on re test, there will be no extra fee. After these 10 days the vehicle will require a new MOT Test and the full fee will have to be paid. Sometimes an Advisory Notice will be issued to let you know if there are some items that need attending to that have not failed the MOT Test.


If your vehicle fails its MOT Test we will give you our best quotation on the repairs to your vehicle. Or on sorting out the advisory items. Just remember you have 10 working days for that free re test.

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